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What is Counselling ?

I've mentioned Person Centred Counselling on several occasions but what is it ?

Let me explain . .


Person Centred Counselling is based on the work of Carl Rogers. It offers you to be in the 'driving seat'. In particular this means you bring into the counselling sessions the issues YOU wish to work on.


The Person Centred approach is build on the understanding that all human beings are constantly striving to do the best they can for themselves.


We all instinctively want to be well and complete and we have within us the abilty to grow despite any difficult experiences we come across the way, with perhaps issues repeating themselves.


The counsellor's task is NOT to analyze you but to faciliate you in finding your way forward although at times where and when appropriate draw from other counselling sources the principles of Person Centred Theory remain at the core of the work.

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